Potter's Clay Baptist Church will be a model of excellence among other churches in the surrounding communities, where God has faithfully placed us. We will be a church of prayer, raising up soldiers to defend the work of the ministry. To go out and minister to those Christians that have fallen to the wayside, and to see God restore them to service.


To seek out the lost that they may have an opportunity to be saved. This church will be known by the foundation it was built upon, by the unlimited love towards people, and by it's highest standard of moral value, placing God where God should be, FIRST. (Isaiah 64:8)

To advance the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people throughout the known world. This will be done through the preaching and teaching of God's word. By giving each person the challenge and their responsibility to grow and mature preparing them for the work of the ministry. We will accomplish this by implementing the FED Men and Women ministries.

1. Fellowship 2. Evangelism 3. Discipleship 4. Ministry 5. Worship

Potter's Clay Baptist Church

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